May 31, 2011 | cwinters

What Dream Team CEOs Know that You Don’t

Fortune Magazine is creating yet another list….the “Dream Team” CEOs – one that is sure to be my favorite! Today, this piece talked about what it takes to be a dream team caliber CEO. Among some expected, yet valid, observations about the need to be able to reinvent strategy, like Sam Palmisano and Jim Skinner, or to truly be a citizen of the world, not just talk global – there was an interesting tidbit.

Dream Team CEOs treat government as a line of business.

Entire businesses have been built using government as a key line of business and source of revenue. Highly regulated businesses can tell you in dollars and cents the impact of government on their Company. But the implications here are significant – even if you don’t do business with the government, and even if you aren’t a regulated company, government matters. A lot.

At MWW Group, more than two decades ago, we began advocating a strategy we’ve dubbed Government as a Marketing tool. And it is more relevant than ever today. In order to be viewed as a leader among your peers, to be the kind of company that is trusted, and relevant to your employees, stakeholders, investors and communities, you need to be engaged and active with government leaders and influencers. Not only to advocate for issues that impact your business, but to be a thought leader. An advisor. A go-to resource.

Being among the most admired CEOs requires a great track record, and a solid leadership reputation. And while the first can fuel the second, these two things don’t automatically go together. Government provides an unrivaled bully pulpit for establishing trust and relevance. It is a key part of every company’s “network.”
This is a philosophy that we don’t just preach – we practice it, too. For ourselves and for our clients. Do you?

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