March 17, 2011 | cwinters

Lady Gaga Puts Target Back in the Hot Seat

Just when they thought it was safe to go back into the water….the ramifications of their political donations are front and center for Target, everyone’s favorite frugalista destination. Target has followed all the rules – they’ve apologized, they’ve created a donation oversight committee. Yet they just can’t seem to shake this monkey off their back.

What should they do? This article from Diversity Inc. is full of the sort of pro-forma advice you’d expect. But scroll down into the comments section, and there is a great idea from a customer.

Target gives 5 percent of its profits to the community. If the Gay and Lesbian community is 10 percent of the population, he wants 10 percent of that 5 percent to go to gay and lesbian causes.

Now I am sure someone at the Minneapolis headquarters is concerned that doing this might alienate their conservative shoppers, particularly in certain markets. So the key is finding the right beneficiary. How about God’s Love We Deliver – a charity that delivers hot meals to AIDS patients? Or the Anti-Bullying Program “It Gets Better” which includes support for gay and lesbian teens subject to bullying at school and features Adam Lambert as their spokesperson? (And with Target’s focus on the Mom-sector, anti-bullying could be a great cause for them.)

Lady Gaga wants action, not words. And so do many of Target’s customers. Maybe it is time to write some new rules, rather than just follow the same old playbook.

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